Content is king!

Every SEO-knowledgeable person understands the optimum value of unique website content. Every website that wants to get to the top of search engines lives by this wisdom. It doesn’t take stellar business acumen to know what comes next. So they aspire to have original, organic and fresh content for their websites.

For website owners who have gone past tried-and-tested thinking, their business or any other online endeavor has topped search engine rankings. Theirs are the credible websites that are loved by Google, read by a bigger chunk of netizens and well-followed by advertisers.

Now, is your site among these? Probably yes.

But for how long? Until what day of next month do you have scheduled posts and articles? Have you outlined your next blog post? Is your article marketing in place? Don’t you wish you had help with the article and content writing part of your business?

Enter Content2Go … the answer to your website content supply.

My name is Ruzanne Romo and I am a professional online writer who will create your content as needed –  as you want them to be.

I will write all forms of content as well as get your articles favored by directories and readers alike.

I only create original materials that will increase your traffic and boost your search engine ranks.

I will produce effective content that pulls closer those inbound links.

And at the same time,  I will provide other related services such as writing sales letters and pages, press releases, campaign materials and that dreaded article marketing pieces.

Most of all, I can also be your in-house editor and proofreader that saves you the hassle of additional work!

Content2Go is your effective tool in streamlining your marketing efforts. I will provide your website original, unique and fresh content so you can focus more on high-value efforts for your business.

Content2Go is your “silent but potent” content provider that increases your online presence with steady flow of articles. Be it for marketing activities, blogs, web articles or any other platform, we will get it to you. What I have is the real custom content writing. Just order and I’ll have it delivered in 5 days or less!

Content2Go don’t post articles and content for you to buy; YOU tell ME what to write and I will do it in 5 days max! This is because I provide only 100% unique articles – stuff no one ever finds on the internet just yet. Your website will have it first, not me or my site!

Content2Go will produce content that is specific to your order; YOU indicate how many words, provide the keyword/s and all your other SEO concerns. As for me, I am trained intensively on how to close the gap between your business and the search engines!

So worry no more about your need for regular content – let me do it for ya!

Because CONTENT is KING and Ruzanne, well, I am the QUEEN who makes it!

  • Kirsty Girl

    This is a great idea. I hope you’ll link up with my party

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Thanks, Kristy! I’m amazed at those lovely photos in your site. Makes me wanna go on vacation. NOW!

  • Search Engine Marketing

    This is great information.I like this post.Really the content is the the king of the SEO blog.Every website that wants to get to the success  of search engines lives by this wisdom.Keep sharing with us.

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

       Thanks, SEM… (sorry had to abbreviate! LOL) As you would notice, I had it written specific for virtual assistants. They, too, must understand how to write powerful content so they stay competitive. Many clients want their VAs to be versatile and be contributing assests to business. So I thought it’s only right that they CAN WRITE well. :) Keep coming!

  • Anonymous

    Ruzanne, spot on about content is king – all too often companies build these amazing mega structures called websites and forget to add optimised content. Like an architect designing a 5 star hotel – it’s only worth it if there are visitors!


    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Thanks for stopping by, Corri! So aptly put what you have there.

  • Bryan Thompson

    Hi Ruzanne. Good to see you on the blogosphere. Content2Go sounds like a great idea. It’s likely something I should have thought about a long time ago. :) I’ve been terrible about updating lately. Good to be back.

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Hey, Bryan! Thanks for dropping by! I liked your most recent post. Hmmm… And I think I wrote a longer comment. LOL! Yeah, I had to put this in here as it’s the only thing I do know – content writing. No more VA-ing but lotsa queries about it that I have to tend to all the time. Fun, fun, fun! See you around, B!

  • rac speal

    Good content is definitely a make or break it. Not only because of SEO, but because it inspires confidence and gives your site authority. 

    What a great idea! Looking for any writers? :)

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Hey Rac!

      You can hit up the Contact spot up there… See it? OK, click and then send me an email. Right now am not looking for more, but there’s always one or two every now and then who are asking about writers. I’ll get it forwarded to you. :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • naveeda nosheen

    Good content and the higher keyword are important for a blog to be on the first page of google.  I appreciate your site.  Very informative

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Hello Naveeda! Thanks for dropping by. 

  • naveeda nosheen

    I’m also trying for my blog ( to be on the first page of
    Google, and I wish and keep trying.

  • Varina Brown

    I totally agree with you that for the growth of the website content is the basic step for it.. If the content is unique and useful visitors will definitely visit and share it out with others..
    freelance seo

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Yeah, Varina. We can only do so much for graphics and all that hype, right? But if we have content that’s interesting enough to read – and leaves a mark as the read that taught, inspired or drove people to action, then that’s the best reward for us :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Varina!  I think you may be a relative of mine?  I am doing a family tree.  Pls email me at Thank you :)

  • Katharine Devinney

    Hi,  I have a party with no participants after a month, so I’m going to ask everyone to join.  Please come and join my party.  Thanks so much!

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  • Judy Haughton-James

    This is a great site.  It is very important to have unique content on one’s Blog and also add content on a regular basis. I add posts at least 3 times a week. Keep up the good work.

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      HI JUdy! Thanks for dropping by and the cheers. Sometimes I do have three posts a week and sometimes, it’s long before I could write another. Work just gets busy. But I always do my best. :)

  • Pankaj Verma

    Great post. Really helped me. Thanks a lot.

    • ruzanne carmen di romo

      Thanks for the kind words, Pankaj!

  • tennis news

    You are right at the point that content is the king.If you want good ranking then content of your website should be unique. 

  • yepi

    Great article on internet marketing report.Awesome and excellent article.Keep sharing article like this in future too.