In the middle of 2010, I managed a teeny-weeny team of online workers and we were known as Ruzanne and the Oh!SomeAngels.

Today, there’s just me, Ruzanne.  All eleven have since soared on their own wings as data entry specialists, virtual assistants and web developers. So there’s just me. But I’m not lonely. In fact, I am happy that after many months, the Oh!SomeAngels are making it good in their specializations.

You see, here’s the story. I’ve been a virtual assistant since 2002. My first client from Louisiana, USA, remains a great friend to date. The two other clients I’ve had in 2006 and 2009 gladly allowed me to train others to take over my VA job for them but not before I mastered the savvy art of social media management, social bookmarking, link building and emails customer support services. That is to say that I have merely supervised and managed over the Oh!SomeAngels until they were ready to spread their own wings.

But for those until late into 2011, I wasn’t only teaching them a host of online services which they could provide. They were also “trained” under my watchful eye on how to be very effective at what they do, considering that the online profession is something that needs a very different and yet very specific “line of attack.” When they were finally taking off for their own meaningful flights, it was a bittersweet thing for me. My Oh!SomeAngels are going to fly high and I bet, they will never forget where and when they’d learned to fly. Sob.

Along the way, I’ve done short-term online writing gigs for various clients and came across fellow freelance writers. That was then when the idea of content2go was born. I can readily write at any time – and that is my focus now. With content2go, I will be writing all immediate and per-article purchases from you, dear clients and friends.

But while orders aren’t coming fast and full just yet, I am gonna be blogging – so as not to not get rusty in the creative and writing departments. To share as well what I feel needed to be shared to others regarding virtual assistants, content writing and life being an online worker.

So with that, happy reading, world!


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      Hi Albion! Sorry this took quite a while. Been so loaded with content writing work, you see. But I really appreciate your time and visit. Do come back and post your questions about the industry I’m in, as well as content writing and all. It would guide me to writing my future posts. Havaniceday, Albion!

  • Vish Daswani

    We have given you an advance of $150 since last 5 days. You have gone MIA since.

    I need to know what is going on and why have you not delivered what you promised.

    I am going to ask you again once nicely. If you do not respond to me with where we stand. Whether you will deliver or you wont and if not you will refund the money.

    If I dont hear on anything by tomorrow. I am going to take action. I will really put your name all over the web on how you scam if that is what you are doing. I have spent 150 , I will spend 1500 more to screw your image because I don’t take such attitude lightly.

    Like I said we also have an office in Philippines and visiting your office wont be a big deal as well.

    Write back to me NOW.